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Case Management Services

Excel Managed Care and Disability Services was founded in 1992 by experienced professionals in the disability management and medical case management field. Our bi-lingual staff is made up of experienced and long-tenured employees. Excel management always selects experienced talent and provides the best training and mentoring possible. Each Excel nurse has years of experience with the medical community. This firsthand knowledge provides access to physicians that may not be available with other nurse case managers.

Role of the Field Case Manager:

  • Quickly evaluate the ill or injured employees’ present status.
  • Facilitate use of the most appropriate treating physician and ensure the effectiveness of the medical provider’s treatment plan.
  • Clearly identify existing and potential barriers to progress and provide specific recommendations for intervention.
  • Ensure the needs of the employee are met to reduce the incidence of litigation.
  • Apply medical cost containment and utilization management strategies.
  • Develop a comprehensive medical treatment plan with the physician, patient, claims staff, and employer to positively impact the length, course, cost and outcome of the care provided.
  • Advocate for wellness and return to productivity and not allow unproductive enabling of a disability lifestyle.
  • Move the employee to permanent and stationary medical status with the highest level of functioning possible and released to return to work.
  • Provide the employer and claims staff valuable information and empower them to make timely and well informed decisions.
  • Work closely with the employer to impart a "We Care" attitude to the employee.
    Maintain a productive employee / employer relationship to maximize any potential to return to modified, light or regular duty work as soon as possible.
  • Work closely with the treating physician and ill/injured employee to achieve timely and appropriate treatment planning, cost effective implementation and follow through.
  • Maximize medical improvement to permanent and stationary status as soon as possible.
  • Create a "Sentinel Effect" wherein the physician and employee know that a qualified medical professional is personally overseeing and involved with their recovery and return to work.

We believe a team approach with open communication is crucial to managing a claim. Because of this, Excel nurses call or e-mail the claims administrator following each medical visit. Job Analyses and modified work positions are always presented to the physician at each visit. Work status is communicated to the department manager and claim administrator. Special attention will be given to cost/benefit analysis. It is the goal of Excel to document real cost savings and that savings be in agreement with the client.

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Catastrophic Case Management
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Field Case Management
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