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Qualified Rehabilitation Consulting (QRC)

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Excel offers QRC services. Our qualified rehabilitation consultants (QRCs) use their experience and skills to design and expedite a return-to-work plan. Services available to assist in the return-to-work plan include:

  • Vocational testing
  • Job analysis
  • Resume development
  • Job placement
  • Ergonomic assessments

Available to our Minnesota clients:

Case Management: Services available to injured workers who do not qualify for Statutory Rehabilitation Services on behalf of the employee’s employer and/or the workers compensation insurance company. These services include:
· Medical management
· Return-to-work coordination
· Job modification

Minnesota Statutory Service Only:
· Job analysis
· Job modification
· Job development
· Job placement
· Job-seeking skills training
· Labor market survey
· On-the-job training
· Retraining
· Vocational testing
· Vocational evaluation
· Transferable skills analysis
· Work adjustment

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