Excel encourages the use of Task assignments to accomplish a specific task relating to a claim. Task type assignment will be assigned to a Field Case Manager who will complete the assignment followed by a closing report.

When to Use Task Assignment:
When appropriate, a task assignment maybe used in place of a field case assignment when the following situations require a one-time referral to:

  • An anticipated P&S/MMI medical appointment.
  • Pre or post hospital discharge home visit.
  • Spot checks on therapy appointments.
  • Mod/Alt, light duty RTW site inspection and coordination.
  • First appointment with a new treating physician.
  • Resolve language barrier or developmental issue impeding communication and understanding of treatment plan.
  • Address non-compliance with treatment plan or return to work.
  • “Reality check” to clarify with the treating physician accurate aspects of the employee’s job or inaccuracies in perception of employee’s situation.
  • Clarification of non-industrial injuries.
  • Cancellation of medical appointments that slow down RTW and medical recovery.